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The game today is heavily focused on player development, won loss records and the idea that a college scholarship is the way in which the value of participation in the sport is measured. The louder this commentary has been expressed the less enjoyable the game has become for many stakeholders.

No Victory Without Honor® is a program that enables soccer organizations to create a more positive soccer experience at the field and combat the negative effects of the "win at all costs" attitude.

A win at all cost thinking supports a culture where the values of the organization and its stakeholders are compromised. A culture where you find parental incidents on the rise, eligibility rules being disregarded by coaches, and player and referee safety on the decline.

The No Victory Without Honor® Program allows organizations, serving the youth soccer market at all levels, to offer a competitive experience in a playing environment that is true to the shared values of the organization and its stakeholders. By showing a commitment to deliver a family soccer experience and honor their promise to highlight the games’ sustainable value, a soccer organization can combat many of the issues found at soccer fields across the country.


The first step involves the organization defining its values and crafting the pledge that acts as a platform for how all the members will experience the game. Once this has been done the next step is to communicate this thinking with all stakeholders; players, parents, coaches and volunteers, everyone will play a role in the success of the program. Xara offers support in building the pledge and web materials that help communicate it. The program is a valuable tool for coaches and a meeting with the coaches is recommended. Coaches can use the program to motivate players and reinforce the sustainable value that comes from playing the game. The final step is to understand the way in which the program has made the game more enjoyable and impacted the well-being of the organization.


Each organization establishes a NVWH pledge with "standards for success" that mirror the values of the organization. These standards for success lay the foundation for shifting stakeholder behavior and creating the platform to deliver a dynamic competitive soccer experience in a positive playing environment.