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This course is for business minds who are ready to design or restructure their website for simplification and best results. ​This course is not for you if you're looking for a get rich quick scheme, don't have 8 hours per week to dedicate to designing your business online or are unwilling to be consistent.


Hi, I'm Tech Queen 88 graphic designer and owner of ProFRESHional Creations Technology & Design Group. I spend my time designing websites, landing pages and other digital media for small business owners and entrepreneurs all around the world wide web. I've taught Microsoft Office Suite and I specialize in designing sites, pages and graphics for best results, simplified functionality and higher conversion rates. I absolutely LOVE what I do which exactly why I'm offering this crash course to my business minds that need help designing their businesses online. Let's get started!

-Tech Queen 88

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What We'll Cover:

Class will run Sept 9th - Oct 4th with weekly website analysis, homework assignments and Q&A discussions

Week 1

  • Create custom design strategy for YOUR brand or foundation

  • Most effective review and testimonial collection & display

  • CTA and template selection

  • Homework assignment + Q & A

Sept 9th (built to win)

Week 2

  • Lead magnet & digital product creation & design

  • Simple and quick step by step automation set up

  • Simplify your online structure

  • Q & A + Website analysis

  • Homework assignment

Sept 16th (time freedom)

Week 3

  • Decide what type of landing page you need for your product/ service promotion, event or awareness campaign

  • Create offers with extreme value

  • Q & A + Website analysis

  • Homework assignment

Sept 23rd (offer options)

Week 4

  • Booking services and eCommerce stores

  • Establishing and branding yourself and your business online

  • Q & A + Website analysis

  • Homework assignment

  • Oct 4th final website analysis

Sept 30th (multiple streams)

Payment Options

4 Weekly Payments

All fees are non-refundable

2 Bi-weekly Payments

All fees are non-refundable

1 Time Payment

All fees are non-refundable