4 Must Haves for Online Businesses

Updated: Jan 2

Examples of previous work

If you have a service based business then people are going to want to see examples of your previous work. Depending on what type of service you offer you may need to use pictures or videos of you doing what you do, create a helpful guide or tutorial that helps people and shows off your skills. Also always collect and display testimonials from people that you've worked with. Make it easier on yourself and the people that want to book you by having this available on your website or landing page. When people see your previous work it helps them decide if they want to work with you or not. For example, I'm a graphic designer, so I always send people to my design gallery so they can see examples of what I'm capable of doing.

No matter what type of business or non-profit you have examples of previous work helps people to make buying decisions. Examples of your previous work may include but is not limited to: pictures, videos, reviews/ testimonials, screenshots, screen recordings, audio etc. You have to get creative and decide which is best for your particular business. Here at ProFRESHional Creations, we choose to create a design gallery to show visitors our previous work. Check out the video below to view our design gallery.

Reviews & Testimonials

Testimonials can be posted on your website or landing page when you are designing your business online. Reviews and testimonials will give people that are interested in shopping with you confidence in your abilities. If someone is interested in purchasing from you, they may get hesitant the closer they get to making that decision. Testimonials and reviews will help ease the fear and anxiety that some buyers may experience before they take that action. You can collect written reviews , screenshots or video testimonials from people that were pleased with your services and post them on your sites and pages.

My favorite testimonial builder to use is Vocal References because they also make it easier for you to automatically collect and display your reviews from Facebook and Google. They also provide you with a link to send people so they can leave you a review in the form of text or video.

Promotional Videos

Don't forget video can increases your conversion rates by 200%. I like to call videos and animations digital visuals because they help give people that are interested in working with you a visual of what they can expect. Check out the ProFRESHional Video below to get some ideas of how to design a sizzle reel video to market your brand and services + help you get booked. Weather your business is service based or sells products you can use video animation software like Viddyoze to create quick promotional videos for your products.

Online booking options

If you have a service based business you should set up online booking options when you design your website or landing page. This will help you free up your time so you can focus more on what you do to make money. This is going to allow you to prepare people to work with you, prepare yourself to help them reach their goal, nurture potential clients, set appointments, send appointment reminders and collect deposits if need be.

Have at least two different options so that people can choose what is best for them. If you create 2 different booking options one option could be a free or low cost phone consultation and the other may be to book a service or training that you offer. If you're free phone consultations start getting a overflow of response, put a price on it. My favorite service to use for booking online appointments is Acuity Scheduling because they offer more than just scheduling. You can set up Pay Pal buttons, plus they also integrate with Mailchimp, Zoom and a whole lot of other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Do you have a design strategy?

A design strategy is a plan of action for the design of your sites and pages online. Designing your websites and landing pages for best results will help people who are interested to take the actions you need them to take. If you do not have a design strategy, start by writing down exactly what actions you want your visitors to take. Then define which are most important to you. If you need help designing your business online schedule a phone consultation so you can discover the best ways to reach your design goals.


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