There is a 7-10 day turn around time on all design services (see terms)

Our Shine Online Workbook includes guides and excercises that will help you:

  • Discover topics and subtopics for your brand
  • Identify your brand's top keywords
  • Create a solid list of titles for your live stream, YouTube videos, Podcast, Broadcast, Blogs, etc to save you time planning your live streams, blog post, email sequences, podcast or other broadcast
  • Create a solid list of subject lines and proven keywords for higher email open rates and better engagement


Ready to lead more viewers and readers back to your sites and pages? The titles we choose for our blog post, YouTube videos, email sequences, live streams, podcasts, or other broadcasts are extremely important because they are typically the first impression and the main reason why someone decides to view content that leads them back to our sites and pages. Our topics are just as important because they are the foundation that our titles are created from. Information that we share should be useful and designed to help the people that need or are interested in our products and services (even if they don't know it yet).


Sometimes after putting in work doing whatever you do to make money in your business, you may tend to get creators/writer's block. When this happens it's easy to get stuck or work against ourselves on the simplest things like what topic to choose and what title to use.


No worries, it's a common issue that business minds run into all the time. Small things like this can cause you to be less efficient and less effective grabbing the attention of people that need what you offer. It may even cause some of you to become stagnant or put off things much longer than you should.

Shine Online

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    Create a strategy that'll lead more viewers and readers back to your sites and pages

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