5 Steps To Designing Pricing Tiers For Your Website

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

A lot of times we limit ourselves when it comes to the products and services that we offer because we don’t realize that we should be offering MORE combinations to appeal to different people. If you would like a FREE copy of the training that goes along with these tips click here to grab your copy now.

You should consider setting up websites, landing pages and graphics that communicate visually and gradually offer different higher priced packages. Check out some different ways to visually communicate your pricing tiers with your visitors.

Just because you have great business ideas, bomb products and services, love what you do and have a plan does not mean that you know what's best when it comes to designing your business online.

If you want to attract clients, customers or students on different levels you're going to need to set up pricing tiers that offer different pricing options and/or monthly subscription options that make your visitors want to take action.

How to design pricing tiers

I created my pricing tiers by realizing what my best selling service was and adding on related services to create a packages. I'm a graphic designer that specializes in designing sites and pages structured for best results. It didn't take me long to realize that my number one top selling service was my landing pages. When I decided to put my packages together I thought about how majority of people who need a landing page also need other services like:

A few brainstorming sessions later and wha-la! My Design Solutions packages were created and ready to sell.

Packages and bundles can be created for any industry, weather you sell products or you're a service provider. Follow these 5 steps to create pricing tiers for your website:

First, start by selecting your best selling, most affordable product or service that takes you less time to complete than others.

Second, then make a list of related and most affordable products and services, and also digital product ideas.

Third, calculate the pricing for each item you wrote down in step two.

Fourth, next take the product or service you selected in step one and bundle it together with a couple of items from your step two list.

Fifth, calculate an overall reduced price for your package so your visitors can recognize your bundle deal.

You can create several different pricing tiers by repeating these steps for each additional package desired and calculating the overall price for each package deal. Add the packages that you come up with to a page on your website or a section on your landing page to create your pricing tiers, like in the pictures above.

If you sell courses you can easily use these steps to create different course options. For example: you can offer a stand alone course for the first option, the stand alone course + a worksheet or workbook for the second option and then the stand alone course + the workbook/ worksheet + an assessment for the third option.

Payment options for online courses

Another great way for course creators to create pricing tiers is to offer different payment plans. For example: the first option could be to make 4 payments, the second option could be to make two payments and the third option could be to pay in full upfront, as pictured above.

When you add your pricing tiers to your website or landing page don't forget to connect a online payment system that allows you to receive payments over the internet, so you can get deposits.

My favorite online payment systems to use are PayPal and Stripe. For my millennial business minds that just insists on using CashApp for business transactions, view the super short 30 second video below to see how to set up this payment method on your sites and pages.

Need Extra Help?

If you would like a FREE copy of the 30 minute training that goes along with these tips click here to grab your copy now. This training covers:

  1. Creating pricing tiers and options that offer more value

  2. Designing custom packages and bundles for a boost in online sales

  3. Setting up monthly subscription packages on your sites and pages

  4. Setting up payment buttons to easily deliver lead magnets digital products

If you need one on one training to find the best ways to create your packages for best results schedule a One On One Session with ProFRESHional Creations.


If you know someone who needs this info, don't be stingy. Send it to them and click below to share on social media. Thanks!

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