Soft Maintenance
3 Hours Design Time/ mo
Tech Support (via email)
Roll Over Unused Time
Access To BMC Forum
7 Hours Design Time/ mo
Tech Support (via email)
Roll Over Unused Time
Access To BMC Forum
Team Training
Mind Your Business
Time Is Money
12 Hours Design Time/ mo
Tech Support (priority)
Roll Over Unused Time
Access To BMC Forum
Team Training
Easy Web Hosting
  • Tech Support includes but is not limited to: support for your tech-related issues concerning design elements and related features

  • Design Time includes but is not limited to: digital graphics, email marketing, website and landing page maintenance, updates, etc.

  • Office Hours time you spend communicating your design needs with us and does not count against design hours

  • ProFRESHional Workshops are virtual workshops with design trends, tech tips, and Q&A discussions to help you reach your goals

  • Easy Web Hosting includes 1 Custom domain connection & set up, Ongoing hosting, Add up to 25 pages (unique templates included), Login account access, Edit and publish access for any page in your account, No hosting upcharge for additional pages, 2 GB Video hosting (integrates w/ 3rd party), Dynamic text replacement, Unique integrations, Team member account

  • ID Protection Shield is the most comprehensive privacy and identity theft protection that monitors threats and restores up to $1M if id theft or breach occurs

  • Canceling a plan will result in loss of accrued design time hours. You may pause a plan/payments for up to 90 days after being active for 12 months, in this case, payment must be made before using unused design hours

  • Read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

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